Does My Own Negligence Matter in a Third-Party Workplace Injury Suit?

The basic premise of South Carolina’s workers’ compensation statute is this: an injured worker is entitled to compensation for workplace …

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Separating the Work-Related Injury from the Preexisting Condition

One of the more-contentious situations encountered in workers’ compensation litigation involves separating the injuries a worker receives from a workplace …

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Greenville, South Carolina Workers' Compensation Claim

Five Mistakes Employees Make After Being Injured on the Job

A workplace injury or illness can wreak havoc on your life and personal finances. Workers’ compensation benefits are available and …

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“Whose Responsibility is This Mess?”

In the North Carolina city of Salisbury, recent news focused on construction of a rail line that, when combined with …

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Can a Lack of Sleep Affect a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

A recent report by The Huffington Post indicated the many problems that insufficient sleep can create for a person’s health. …

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Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available for Mental Injuries?

Most employees in South Carolina know the basics of the state’s workers’ compensation law: a worker who suffers an injury …

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Fighting Back Against a Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial

It can happen to any South Carolina worker regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or any other characteristic: one moment you …

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New Department of Labor Memo Could Mean Big Changes for Employers

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued a memo indicating a change in direction in how the Department will determine …

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Exotic Dancer Found to be an Employee, Not Independent Contractor

Is an exotic dancer an employee or independent contractor? The question is more than a simple philosophical musing: if the …

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What Compensation Are You Entitled to If You Are Injured at Work?

If you are an employee who is injured while performing duties in the course of your employment, then are you …

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