5 Common Types Of Bike Accidents

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An understanding of common types of bike accidents will help keep bicyclists safe when sharing the road with other motorists. Common bicycle accidents include: 

  1. Crashes at Uncontrolled Intersections: Keep in mind that drivers might not always give right-of-way to cyclists, even when they should, so it’s best to slow down when you’re approaching intersections. 
  2. Crashes at Intersections with Stop Signs: The majority of bike accidents that occur in these intersections stem from different interpretations of who should yield and give right-of-way. 
  3. Crashes at Stoplights: If a bicyclist is crossing with the green light, then the bike has the right-of-way and a driver who strikes it is responsible for the accident and the bicyclist’s damages.
  4. The Right Hook: This kind of bike accident happens when a car that’s turning right hits a bike that was on the right portion of the road.
  5. The Left Cross: This happens when a vehicle that’s turning left crosses or cuts the path of a cyclist trying to cross the road. Because left-turners should give right-of-way, it’s usually the fault of the vehicle’s driver when this kind of bike accident occurs. 

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Bicycle Accident FAQ

Why do bike accidents occur?

Most bike accidents occur due to right-of-way violations and vehicle drivers breaking traffic laws meant to protect bicyclists.

Should I hire an attorney?

If you’ve been hurt in a bike accident, hiring an experienced bike accident attorney will help make sure that you receive fair compensation for your losses. 

Who pays compensation in bike accidents?

The liable driver or motorist that caused the bike accident is responsible for all of a bicyclist’s damages. In some cases, the manufacturer of the bike can also be held liable if the bike was defective, hence, caused or contributed to the accident. 

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