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Dealing with Insurance Adjusters:

Fact: It is the goal of insurance companies to deny your claims or settle for as little as possible. Insurance companies always prefer to settle out of court and count on you being willing to do the same at a steep discount.

Even if you stand up for yourself and reject their initial offers, insurance companies will pay only what they think they may lose at trial.  Therefore, your best chance of assuring a top dollar settlement is to have a strong legal advocate on your side, someone that everyone knows is willing to go to trial to argue for your rights. This is why it is important to have a car accident lawyer like David Price who works every case as if he is going to trial and is prepared to exercise your rights to the full limits of the law.

Experienced in The Accident Claims Process

It is important that your Car Accident lawyer be able to knowledgeably navigate the many ins and outs of insurance policies and the claims process.

At David R. Price, Jr., P.A., we know how to aggressively pursue all of the different types of insurance coverage that our clients may possibly be entitled to – lesser known types of policies including excess liability policies, umbrella policies, and under insurance coverage. We can also help you manage your unpaid medical bills until a settlement is reached and you have collected the money. In situations where the bills are excessive, we are also experienced in negotiating liens and unpaid bills down to a reasonable amount. Our goal is to use our thorough understanding of South Carolina law to assure you receive every dollar you deserve and to ease your burden during this troubling time—so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries and moving on with your life.


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Greenville Auto Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a South Carolina auto accident then you know that it can be scary and hard to know what to do next. Contending with medical bills, time out of work and expensive car repairs can be stressful, but you should know that you have the right to be made whole following an accident caused by the careless, reckless or negligent actions of another driver. To find out more about Greenville car accidents, continue reading.

Car Accident Statistics

According to statistics gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 10 million Americans are involved in car accidents each and every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 35,244 people died across the country last year in car wrecks, a figure that represents more than 80 deaths on U.S. roadways each and every day.

Here in South Carolina, the numbers are equally horrifying, with one person dying every eight hours. Traffic accidents occur across the state, on average, every five minutes, with someone suffering an injury every 10.5 minutes. These kinds of numbers highlight just how dangerous the simple act of getting behind the wheel can be and how crucial it is to do what you can to minimize the risks to yourself and your family members.


Every 5 Minutes there is an Auto Accident in South Carolina


Every 10.5 Minutes there is an Auto Accident Injury in South Carolina


Car Crash Deaths in the US Daily

Common causes of accidents

The biggest cause of accidents appears to be distracted driving. Although the image of a driver busy texting away on a smartphone may pop into your head when you hear the term “distracted driving,” the reality is that the phrase encompasses a range of dangerous and potentially deadly behaviors.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can include everything from texting and talking on cellphones to eating, reading, grooming, fidgeting with the radio or even talking to other passengers in the vehicle. Although cellphones receive the most attention these days, studies have shown that all distracted driving behavior carries similar risks caused by the lack of attention paid to the road in front of the distracted driver’s vehicle. Data shows that when individuals pull their attention away from the road for even a second, the possibility of being involved in a serious accident jumps exponentially, increasing the risk to yourself and others.


Beyond distracted driving, motorists in South Carolina are commonly injured in accidents caused by speeding. Though we are all in a hurry, and busy with appointments, activities and family obligations, rushing our way around highways and interstates can not only be counterproductive, but also deadly. Auto accident experts say that speeding contributes to more than one-third of all car crashes in the U.S. each year.

Drunk Driving

Finally, drunk driving continues to contribute to thousands of crashes across South Carolina each and every year. MADD estimate that an astounding 300,000 incidents of drunken driving occur each and every day across the country. These incidents lead to approximately 10,000 fatal crashes every year, a stubbornly high number that lawmakers and law enforcement officials have struggled to bring down.

Distracted driving, speeding and drunk driving are not only leading causes of South Carolina car accidents, but they all have something else in common: they are entirely preventable. In each case, drivers purposefully choose to engage in risky or downright reckless behavior, pulling out their phones, stepping on the accelerator or downing another beer before hopping behind the wheel. These shortsighted actions result in thousands of lost lives and many more thousands of serious and painful injuriesIn addition, the vehicle defects can cause a South Carolina auto Aaccident

Common car accident injuries:

Head injuries

Among the most common injuries suffered by those involved in a South Carolina car accident are injuries to the head and brain. These traumatic brain injuries are not only common, but among the most debilitating of injuries. Brain and head injuries occur when a person’s brain continues moving after his or her body has come to a stop. Even though this movement may only be for a fraction of second, the force with which the brain collides with the person’s skull is enough to cause serious and potentially devastating injuries.

Symptoms of head and brain injuries can range from mild to severe and include simple headaches all the way to intense psychological changes. Rapid mood swings, loss of sleep, depression and memory loss are all possible symptoms of a traumatic brain injury and require immediate medical intervention.

Neck/back/spinal cord injuries

Neck, back and spinal cord damage also frequently result from car accidents and are caused by the force exerted on the body in a serious collision. Whiplash and other forms of neck strain happen most commonly in rear-end accidents when the person’s head and neck are pushed forward before snapping back. This sudden movement can cause damage to sensitive muscles and results in sometimes crippling pain.

Back pain occurs most often in a person’s lower back, where sprains, fractured or damaged vertebrae and herniated discs can wreak havoc. Spinal cord injuries happen when extremely sensitive spinal tissue is damaged, either because of bruising, bone fragmentation or damage to the spinal discs. This can lead to numbness or even paralysis in the most extreme cases.

Internal injuries

Internal injuries are hidden from view, but can be every bit as devastating as broken bones or visible facial injuries. The sheer force of some car accidents can cause damage to drivers’ vital organs, such as the kidneys, spleen, liver and lungs. Broken ribs are also common in high-speed accidents. These injuries require immediate treatment by a medical professional, as they can quickly become life threatening.


Death occurs in the most serious car accident cases. When this happens, the surviving family members will need to pursue what is known as a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. In wrongful death actions, families are able to sue for the recovery of medical expenses, funeral costs and the loss of both financial and emotional support. Though no amount of money could ever repay what was lost, the money will at least allow grieving family members to get back on their feet financially and begin putting the pieces of their lives back together.

Greenville, South Carolina Auto Accident Attorney


If you’ve been involved in a South Carolina auto accident it is crucial to understand who is at fault and who therefore will be held financially responsible for the accident. To understand this, you need to familiarize yourself with South Carolina’s law when it comes to negligence. So what is negligence? Negligence occurs when one person fails to act in a way that they ought to and this failure results in foreseeable harm to another person.

States handle negligence in one of several different ways and these differences can be crucial in determining a victim’s ability to receive financial compensation following an accident. Here in South Carolina, lawmakers have adopted a system known as comparative negligence, which says that those injured in accidents are able to collect damages so long as they are not found to be greater than 50 percent at fault. This is a great benefit for plaintiffs in South Carolina who need not fear having a case thrown out of court because they were found partially responsible for the accident. So long as the jury decides the defendant (or defendants) is at least 50 percent or more responsible for the accident, then the plaintiff will be allowed to collect compensation.

Take action:

If you’ve been involved in a South Carolina auto accident it is important that you understand you aren’t helpless. It can be empowering to know that there are things you can do to improve your chance of succeeding in a car accident injury claim. For some tips on what to do to best set yourself up for success, keep reading.

1. Report the accident

First, you must report the accident to local law enforcement authorities. Doing so is not only a smart way to improve your odds of winning the case, but a legal obligation for any accident involving serious physical injury or property damage. By reporting the accident you can get an official record of what happened, who was involved and where the incident occurred. This can be useful later on if experts need to reconstruct the accident or if your car accident lawyer needs to conduct further investigation.

2. Get details

Beyond the accident report, make sure to get whatever other details you can from the accident scene. That means writing down names, insurance details and contact information from those involved in the accident. Additionally, record the names and contact info of anyone who might have witnessed the accident. If you’re able to do so, take pictures of the scene as well as the damage to yourself and your vehicle; these pictures are truly worth a thousand words when presenting a case to a jury. Finally, jot down any other important details that you think might be important down the road.

3. See a doctor

Though it may seem obvious, it bears mentioning that if you have been injured you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Doing so not only improves your odds of recovering more quickly, but it improves your chance of success in a future injury case. When injured plaintiffs wait to seek treatment, they inadvertently provide a perfect opportunity for insurance companies to blame the victim.

Insurance companies use this lag time to claim that the person was not injured in the accident and only sought treatment later to try and collect money. Even worse, the insurance company might argue that although the injuries are real, they were suffered elsewhere and not the result of the accident.

4. Approach a car accident lawyer

At this point in the accident claims process you may have already been approached by the opposing side, possibly a car accident attorney or an insurance claims adjuster. It is crucial that you not make any statements on the record without first seriously considering the impact those statements could have on a future accident claim. It is important to understand that statements made to insurance claims adjusters can be used against you later in a civil suit and might seriously undermine the value of your case. That’s why it is essential to run your case past a South Carolina accident lawyer who has been through the process many times before and who knows all the tricks the insurance companies try to use to deny injured people the compensation they deserve.

5. Don’t settle for less than you need

Last, but certainly not least, remember to never settle for less than you need. Too often, insurance companies push victims to take a quick settlement, piling on the pressure to wrap up the claims process as soon as possible. Settling for a small amount now can prove very costly down the road, especially for those who have injuries that have not yet been addressed or which may not have fully revealed themselves. Settling before you understand the extent of the harm you’ve suffered can prove catastrophic financially, leaving you without recourse to pay expensive medical bills. That’s because once a settlement deal is reached, there is no way to open it up again later, even if new or worse injuries are discovered.

Benefits of hiring a auto accident lawyer

If you’re reading this and have been injured in a South Carolina auto accident, you may still be wondering why you should hire a car accident lawyer at all, perhaps thinking it best to pursue the matter on your own. While that is certainly your prerogative, let’s explore a few reasons why hiring an experienced South Carolina accident lawyer can be so beneficial:

1. A car accident lawyer understands the law

First things first, a South Carolina car accident lawyer understands the law. Issues of negligence and fault can be confusing to understand for those without the benefit of a law school education. Beyond the complicated legal issues, there are also a range of court procedures, deadlines and filing regulations to contend with. Knowing your way around a courtroom is an invaluable benefit to those pursing an injury claim as judges and opposing counsel are likely not going to be willing to wait for you to play catch up.

2. You have someone fighting in your corner

Beyond the legal know-how and help pushing the case through the judicial bureaucracy, perhaps the biggest benefit to hiring a South Carolina accident attorney is in having someone to share the burden of your case with. It can be isolating to suffer a serious injury and spend time fighting to recover. Add to that the stress of lost income, mounting medical bills and the threat of debt collectors and you’ve got a recipe for serious stress.

Having a skilled professional whose sole job is to fight for your best interest can be a tremendous relief. Relaxing, knowing that someone who has been there and done it all before has your back allows you to focus on the most important thing: getting back on your feet.

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Motorcycle Injuries

Unfortunately, as the roads become more crowded and drivers become more distracted in part due to all their mobile devices, motorcycle accidents are on the rise. These accidents can result in permanent physical disability and create financial hardship for victims and their families. Motorcyclists are injured in riding accidents more often than other types of drivers, and they are far more likely to be killed in a crash.  A common cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of other drivers to see and yield to the motorcyclist. Even if you were injured partly due to not wearing a helmet, you may still be entitled to compensation. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, it is to your best advantage to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney like David R. Price, Jr., P.A., immediately.

greenville sc semi truck accidents

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents can often result in catastrophic injuries, and even wrongful death. If you have been injured by the negligence or recklessness of a driver in a semi-truck accident, it is important to consult with a trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible in order to ensure that your rights are protected. David R. Price, Jr., P.A., has the knowledge and experience to help you deal with the complicated legal and insurance issues involving truck accidents. The trucking industry is heavily regulated by law. We will investigate the cause of your accident, and will take the steps to determine if institutional misconduct can be proven against the trucking company, as well as the driver, to assure you get every dollar you deserve.


Bicycle Accidents

Motorists do not always pay attention to the rights of cyclists on the road. Serious accidents causing bodily injury and even a wrongful death may be the result. A cyclist, like a motorcycle rider, has little protection against injury. Despite having as much right to the road as any other driver, bicyclists frequently are victims of the careless driving of others. If you are in a bicycle accident that was due to a negligent or reckless driver, give David R. Price, Jr., P.A., a call. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights so they get the compensation they deserve and can move on with their lives.

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