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Auto Accident Lawyers Serving Greenville, SC

The law protects car accident victims. It can be scary and frustrating to contend with medical bills, time out of work and extensive car repairs. Our auto accident lawyers serve victims in Greenville, SC. It is our goal for you to be made whole for your losses.

When carelessness, recklessness or negligent conduct causes an accident, our lawyers can aggressively pursue your interests. Start today with a consultation and see what you may receive for your case.

Pursuing Compensation for Car Accident Victims

With full-service legal representation, we do everything necessary to pursue your compensation.

Things we may do in your case:

  • Proving legal fault and the right to compensation
  • Investigating lesser-known types of policies like excess liability policies, umbrella and underinsurance coverage
  • Talking to the insurance company and witnesses
  • Negotiating a settlement if it’s appropriate, or fighting aggressively for your rights in court, if necessary
  • Seeking all types of compensation including medical bills, lost work, vehicle damage, physical suffering, mental injury, disfigurement and emotional anguish
  • Using our resources to prepare medical documentation, expert testimony and thoroughly build each element of your claim
  • Defending against claims of comparative negligence and other legal tactics of the defense
  • Representing you in court, including at trial
  • Answering your questions
  • Working with you to understand your goals and pursue them

The insurance company is counting on settling your case for as little as possible. They hope you won’t understand what your case is worth, or that you’ll accept a deep discount. 

Our lawyers pursue your case in full. When you work with us, we handle your case inside and outside the courtroom.

Common Car Accident Injuries In Greenville

Head Injuries

Among the most common injuries suffered by those involved in a South Carolina car accident are injuries to the head and brain. These traumatic brain injuries are not only common, but among the most debilitating of injuries. Brain and head injuries occur when a person’s brain continues moving after his or her body has come to a stop. Even though this movement may only be for a fraction of second, the force with which the brain collides with the person’s skull is enough to cause serious and potentially devastating injuries.

Symptoms of head and brain injuries can range from mild to severe and include simple headaches all the way to intense psychological changes. Rapid mood swings, loss of sleep, depression and memory loss are all possible symptoms of a traumatic brain injury and require immediate medical intervention.

Neck/Back/Spinal cord injuries

Neck, back and spinal cord damage also frequently result from car accidents and are caused by the force exerted on the body in a serious collision. Whiplash and other forms of neck strain happen most commonly in rear-end accidents when the person’s head and neck are pushed forward before snapping back. This sudden movement can cause damage to sensitive muscles and results in sometimes crippling pain.

Back pain occurs most often in a person’s lower back, where sprains, fractured or damaged vertebrae and herniated discs can wreak havoc. Spinal cord injuries happen when extremely sensitive spinal tissue is damaged, either because of bruising, bone fragmentation or damage to the spinal discs. This can lead to numbness or even paralysis in the most extreme cases.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are hidden from view, but can be every bit as devastating as broken bones or visible facial injuries. The sheer force of some car accidents can cause damage to drivers’ vital organs, such as the kidneys, spleen, liver and lungs. Broken ribs are also common in high-speed accidents. These injuries require immediate treatment by a medical professional, as they can quickly become life-threatening.


Death occurs in the most serious car accident cases. When this happens, the surviving family members will need to pursue what is known as a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. In wrongful death actions, families are able to sue for the recovery of medical expenses, funeral costs and the loss of both financial and emotional support. Though no amount of money could ever repay what was lost, the money will at least allow grieving family members to get back on their feet financially and begin putting the pieces of their lives back together.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Car Accident

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, is it worth hiring a car accident lawyer? Let’s explore why hiring a lawyer can help you get justice for your accident.

1. We know the law

Our Greenville lawyers know the law. Knowing what you deserve in compensation, we can take the right steps to claim it. Don’t get confused by complicated legal issues. We know our way around the courtroom which is an invaluable benefit to you as a victim.

2. We know the steps to take

Just knowing the law isn’t enough to get compensation. It can be hard to know where to even begin to pursue what you deserve. When you have our lawyers on your side, you have professionals who know what to do. We take the procedural steps to move your case forward.

3. There is someone fighting in your corner

The insurance companies have teams of lawyers. They do nothing but fight car accident claims. It’s up to you to prove your case when they don’t want you to get compensated. All of this happens while you have the stress of physical injuries, mounting bills and the emotional scars. With the David R. Price Greenville, SC car accident lawyers, you have someone fighting for you, in your corner.

4. Answers to your questions, actions that get results

Being in a car accident creates uncertainty. You may wonder about the legal road ahead. As we represent you, we answer your questions and explain each step. Everything we do is calculated to get you results.

Even if you stand up for yourself, the insurance companies will pay only what they think they might lose at trial. With our Greenville lawyers as your representatives, they know that you are willing to go to trial to fight for your rights. David Price pursues every case to the full limits of the law.

Why Choose David R. Price, Jr. P.A., Attorneys at Law?

You never planned to be in a car accident. Your life is thrown upside down in an instant. Our lawyers have been there before. Through the years, so many have relied on our experience when they needed us most.

Here are some reasons people choose the David R. Price Greenville car accident lawyers:

  • Experienced, aggressive advocates; kind and compassionate counselors
  • We can start representing you at any stage in the case
  • Full-service legal representation – you’ll never talk to the insurance company again
  • Representation includes access to our legal resources for investigating your case, building the evidence and addressing legal issues
  • Evaluation of all the relevant factors and considerations
  • Cases resolved through both trials and settlements
  • Named to the Greenville News Best of the Upstate in multiple years
  • Members of the Greenville County Bar Association
  • Recognized by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum for having achieved settlements exceeding $1 million

David R. Price has been practicing law in South Carolina since 2006. We’re proud of our track record representing people like you. Call or message us today to learn how we can help you.

Personalized Representation

Our lawyers represent car accident victims in a wide variety of circumstances. Whatever your situation, we explore all avenues for you to receive compensation.

Some examples of circumstances we handle are:

  • Single, two-vehicle and multiple-vehicle accidents
  • Rear-end, T-bone, sideswipe, intersection and head-on collisions
  • Speeding, lane change violations, traffic signal violations and driver error as a factor
  • Weather conditions or road disrepair contributing to a crash
  • Drunk driving and driving under the influence crashes, involving both alcohol and drugs
  • Claims involving insurance companies; situations where a party is uninsured or underinsured
  • Commercial drivers and employer-related claims; rideshare claims
  • Distracted driving; texting while driving
  • Situations where a party may allege comparative negligence
  • Catastrophic injury and future damages
  • Children and adult victims

Each person has their own story. The key to success in a legal claim is customizing our representation to your situation. Whatever the circumstances of your case, we explore all opportunities for you to receive fair compensation.

Scheduling Your Consultation

If you’ve been hurt in a crash, we invite you to schedule your consultation with our car accident lawyers. At your consultation, we’ll learn about you and what happened. Then, we’ll discuss the law, the compensation you may receive and the process involved. We explain how our lawyers can help.

We always invite you to ask questions about your case, the law and our services. If you decide to hire us, we can start your case right away.

Taking New Cases In Greenville, South Carolina

You may be entitled to compensation following a car accident. No matter how great your case is, to get compensation, you must act. Our lawyers can bring your case.

Come meet the legal team that has won Greenville News’ Best of the Upstate awards for Best Trial Lawyer and Best Law Firm. Let us put our experience and commitment to work for you. Our consultations are free.

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