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While any type of motor vehicle collision is dangerous, rollover car accidents can be especially hazardous, with a high risk of severe injuries or death.

When these incidents occur because of someone’s carelessness, the injured parties may pursue damages. However, the time and energy required can be a burden on people who are injured.

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How Do Vehicle Rollovers Happen?

Data shows that over three-quarters of rollovers result from an impact from another vehicle.

Taller, narrower vehicles are more susceptible to these crashes because of their higher center of gravity. Trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles experience the most rollover accidents.

Additionally, evasive maneuvers from an aggressive or inattentive driver can create a situation where a vehicle rolls over. As drivers try to avoid a collision, their vehicle may tip over an object or flip after a sharp turn.

What Are Common Injuries from Rollover Car Accidents?

Rollover car accidents can result in wounds of varying severity. Accident victims should watch for the following injuries:

Physical wounds

Rollovers are often violent and can even eject passengers from a vehicle. The force of the collision can result in the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations or amputation of limbs
  • Bruises, sprains, and strains
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spine and neck injuries

These wounds can cause permanent disabilities that can affect a person’s livelihood. You might not be able to keep the same job, and you might have to endure medical treatment for years.

Emotional and mental distress

The trauma of rollover car accidents can result in intense psychological anguish. A person could develop a phobia of traveling in a vehicle or through a specific location, hampering their quality of life. Also, disfigurement or disability could create new emotional sensitivities and mental trauma.

What Can You Do if Your Loved One Was in a Fatal Rollover Crash?

In 2021, 7,640 passenger vehicle occupants perished in rollover car accidents in the United States. When someone dies in a rollover accident that another person caused, the personal representative may be able to bring a wrongful death suit.

If a deceased person does not have a personal representative, the court appoints one from a close relative or heir. An award or settlement can help the family recover funeral and burial costs, lost wages, and medical expenses, as well as damages for the deceased person’s pain and suffering. A deceased person’s loved ones are also entitled to compensation for their grief.

What Damages Are Available After Rollover Car Accidents?

Injured parties can recover different types of damages for rollover car accidents if they are less than 51% at fault.


Any measurable financial expense that results from the accident is economic damage. Such costs include the replacement or repair of property.

Economic damages also involve medical expenses for doctor visits, hospital stays, medications, and treatments.; as well as lost wages or earning potential.

Calculating all of these items takes substantial time and much paperwork. Our legal team can help document an injured person’s economic damages.


Non-economic damages involve losses that are abstract and more difficult to measure. Injured people are also entitled to receive compensation for intangible things such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of affection, companionship, or consortium
  • Emotional distress

Calculating the cost of non-economic damages from rollover car accidents is even more challenging than calculating economic damages. A victim needs to know legal precedents and complex models for calculating non-economic damages. The assistance of our experienced lawyers can make all the difference in recovering the maximum amount for non-economic damages.


Some cases permit injured parties to also recover punitive damages. When the liable party was grossly negligent or reckless, the court may opt to punish the behavior to set an example for other drivers.

As with non-economic damages, determining the amount of punitive damages the responsible party should pay is challenging. Assessing the severity of harm and the culpability of the defendant demands sharp legal experience.

How Can the Team at David R. Price, Jr., P.A. Help?

People who are recuperating from rollover car accidents must take quick action to build a strong case. However, it can be difficult to so when people are dealing with physical and mental injuries. Our personable and empathetic attorneys can help you by handling the complex details and time-consuming aspects of filing a claim. This ensures you submit everything on time.

We also provide resources to help you discover all of the liable parties and determine the full amount of compensation you should receive. We will communicate with insurance companies and the defense team for you, preventing them from taking advantage of you while you are in a compromised state.

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