Burns and Burn Injuries in Greenville SC

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If you or a loved one have suffered a burn injury because of the wrongdoing or negligence of another person, you are entitled to be fully and completely compensated. You will need to retain trusted and skilled Greenville SC personal injury attorneys to help you file your case. Here are a few facts about burns, burn injuries and the law in South Carolina.

Causes of Burn Injuries at Work in Greenville, SC

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Knowing how to treat and get compensation for treatment in terms of burn injuries is important in Greenville, SC.

Most people only think of burn injuries as caused by fire. However, medically speaking, damage to the skin in the form of a “burn” can be caused by extremes of heat (both cold and hot) and by chemical exposure. In general, these are the most common causes of burn injuries:

  • Fire — common examples are injuries causes by out-of-control fires, kitchen related burns, explosions, electrical fires, outdoor fires, etc.
  • Chemicals — common household examples are pool chlorination chemicals, hair treatment chemicals, metal cleaners and various acids; chemical burns are common in schools and workplaces where laboratory work is done, hair salons and on construction sites (electricity and acids for masonry work).
  • Explosions — not as common as other causes of burns, but examples include fireworks, firearms, and car batteries. Explosions can cause heat and chemical-related burning.
  • Electricity — exposure to electrical current can cause damage to the skin and muscle tissues in the same manner as fire.
  • Extreme cold — as noted, medically, frostbite and other injuries caused by extreme cold cause the same sort of damage to the skin as burns caused by extreme heat. Frostbite is not only an outdoor danger but occurs with people extensively exposed to refrigeration, liquid nitrogen and/or dry ice.
  • Scalding — another example of extreme temperature burning. Water is the most common scalding agent, but any molten liquid or even a solid substance can burn if sufficiently hot.  Scalding can also be caused by exposure to hot metal such as an iron.


Recovering Compensation for your Burn Injuries in Greenville, SC

The two most common theories of legal liability with respect to burn injuries are: (1) negligence and (2) product liability. The basis of a negligence claim is that the wrongdoer was careless in some manner that resulted in injury to another person. Under South Carolina negligence law, the four elements of negligence are: duty, breach of duty, causation and injury/damage. In general, every person owes a duty of care to every other person. Thus, if someone is not reasonably careful and starts a fire that causes injury, that person can be held liable for negligence.
The idea behind product liability law is that businesses cannot make and sell harmful products. Of course, it is also true that those who purchase products must use the products in their intended fashion. For example, if you are a mason and buy muriatic acid for cleaning bricks and other cement forms, you must use it properly. Under normal conditions, the manufacturer of the acid will not be liable for a burn caused by misuse of the product. However, if there is the product is defective and starts and electrical fire, for example, then the manufacturer may be liable.

Greenville, SC Injury Attorney Experienced in helping Burn Victims

For more information, call the Greenville personal injury lawyers at David R. Price, Jr., P.A. Please act quickly if you have suffered a burn accident, because it is important that your attorneys immediately work to preserve evidence about the fire or explosion or other cause of your injury. Crucial evidence regarding the circumstances of your injury can be lost by delay. Contact our office today via email or by phone. We are dedicated to recovering the full and complete compensation to which you are entitled.


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