Distracted Walkers A Growing Concern Across The Country

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You have probably heard of distracted driving and are aware of what distracted driving is. Distracted driving is considered anything that takes a driver’s attention away from driving, such as talking on texting on a phone, eating or drinking, or messing with a car radio or navigation system. Distracted drivers pose a serious threat to the safety of drivers on the roads.

A new type of distraction is also developing as a serious threat to public safety throughout cities across the United States: distracted walkers. Distracted walkers, who are calling or texting on a cell phone, can suffer serious injuries or even death. According to a recent article, pedestrian injuries due to cell phone use are up 35% since 2010. Each year there are about 78,000 pedestrian injuries in the United States and some believe that at least 10% are the result of distracted pedestrians using mobile devices.

To reduce the number of pedestrian injuries, states are implementing certain measures. For example, New York State has approved lower speed limits for certain parts of the city and has partitioned off more streets to protect pedestrians from vehicles. Furthermore, cities, including Louisville, New York City and Philadelphia, have received federal grants totaling $1.6 million to institute pedestrian safety programs.

South Carolina Takes Action To Increase Pedestrian Safety

South Carolina, like other states, has taken a proactive approach to protect pedestrians and bicyclists and to reduce fatalities. South Carolina’s Department of Transportation has instituted a Pedestrian and Bicycle Program to meet “the on-going challenge of providing better and safer accommodations for people who choose to walk or cycle.”

Through the Pedestrian and Bicycle Program, the South Carolina Department of Transportation has made safety its number one priority for both motorized and nonmotorized transportation. Every year, hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians are killed in South Carolina alone, and the SCDOT is “committed to doing everything possible to improve those statistics.”

Safety Tips for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

In its efforts to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety, South Carolina has published information to educate residents about safe biking and safety tips for pedestrians. Some of the safe biking tips include:

  • Obey traffic and road signals, including following lane markings.
  • Do not ridge against, but with traffic.
  • Wear a helmet and do not wear headphones.
  • Wear conspicuous closing.
  • Do not pass cars on the right.
  • Make sure to use appropriate hand signals when turning or stopping.
  • Use extra caution in poor weather conditions.
  • Some safety tips for pedestrians include:
  • Walk on sidewalks or the edge of road if sidewalks are not available. Also, make sure to face the flow of traffic.
  • Cross roads at marked intersections or crosswalks.
  • Before crossing, make sure to look left, right, and left. Also, obey all traffic signs and signals.
  • Do not drink and walk, as alcohol can impair judgment and motor skills.
  • Do everything to be seen by drivers, including wearing conspicuous clothing, avoiding cars’ blind spots, avoiding walking at night or walking with a flashlight, and ensuring that other drivers notice your presence.

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