Greenville SC: Growing Population Means More Trucking Accidents

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According to recent census data, Greenville is the fourth fastest growing city in the US. A similar trend is true for Greenville County. Indeed, Greenville and the whole upstate South Carolina region is expected to grow faster than the Charleston and Columbia regions. A recent Greenville News article explains:

“… a new analysis of the entire Upstate predicts that the region will welcome more than 300,000 new residents, reaching a total population of almost 1.75 million people by 2040, an increase of 64 percent since 1990 and bypassing growth forecast rates for the Charleston and Columbia areas.”

Greenville’s population growth has drawn national attention. CNN Money lauded Greenville for its “… vibrant downtown area … bustling with restaurants and shops, [and] Falls Park with beautiful trails and gardens and the “floating” Liberty Bridge.” See here.
With increased Greenville population comes an increase in accidents on our roads and highways. In particular, Greenville and the surrounding areas can expect an increase in trucking and “big rig” wrecks and collisions. More people means more goods and products needed for stores and shops in the city and region. More goods and products means more big trucks, semis and tractor-trailers. If you are injured in a wreck with a big truck, you need the experience and dedication of a good Greenville SC truck accident attorneys like those at David R. Price, Jr., P.A.

Greenville SC Auto Accident Attorneys: Truck Accidents Are More Deadly

greenville sc semi truck accidents
I-85 still remains one of the busiest roadways for semi trucks.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), large truck wrecks and collisions are more than twice as likely to result in a fatality. In 2015, there were 4,094 deaths from accidents involving large trucks. Of those killed, 74 percent were occupants of the non-truck vehicle. See here.
Aside from common reasons for accidents such as speeding, weather conditions, distracted or drowsy driving, certain types of collisions and wrecks are specific to big trucks. These include:

  • Rollovers — a driver misjudges a turn or goes into a turn too fast and causes the truck to roll sideways;
  • Jackknifes — another result of a misjudged turn or a turn taken too fast/improper braking;
  • Tire blowouts — tire blowouts are dangerous for cars; the danger is increased greatly with large massive trucks; not only does the truck become difficult to control, but the exploding tires can be deadly; and
  • Lost Loads — often deadly to drivers and passengers in nearby vehicles when the load begins cascading.

Aside from these specific types of big rig accidents, because of their size and mass, rear-end, underride and override collisions with a big truck and a smaller car or SUV are often catastrophic causing significant injuries and deaths.

Greenville Sc Truck Accident Attorneys: What to Do If You Are Injured in a Big Truck Wreck

As we have written here, if you have been injured in a collision with a big truck, semi or tractor-trailer, you must take many steps. First and foremost, you must seek medical attention and begin recovering your full health. There are other steps too, such as contacting the police, taking notes and photos if possible and more. After you are medically stabilized, it is important to seek advice and counsel from experienced truck accident attorneys. Under South Carolina law, every truck driver must operate their truck in a proper manner keeping a good lookout for others on the road. Truckers must also drive slow enough under the weather and lighting conditions so as not to lose control of their vehicles. Truckers also owe a duty to other drivers to secure all loads from becoming loose and endangering others. Breach of these duties results in liability to any persons who are injured, are killed and/or who suffer property damage. Victims are entitled to recover monetary damages for their injuries and damage to their vehicle.

Greenville SC Truck Accident Attorneys: David R. Price, Jr., P.A.

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