The Do’s and Don’t’s of Negotiating with Car Insurance Adjusters

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Following an accident, we are not always in the right mind to negotiate for compensation. However, waiting a long time to approach an insurance company can also hurt your chances of getting fair compensation.

Since insurance companies know that most people lack the requisite knowledge and experience to negotiate with their insurance adjusters, they will offer you a small settlement amount assuming that you don’t know the value of your case or you are desperate to settle.

At David R. Price, Jr., P.A., we know how to negotiate your case with even the toughest insurance adjusters. Our experienced Greenville car accident attorneys can evaluate your case and negotiate on your behalf to pursue a fair settlement.

What Is a Car Insurance Adjuster?

Car insurance companies mostly try to maximize their profits by minimizing the number of claims paid to accident victims. To do this, they employ insurance adjusters who determine the amount of settlement money you get.

Insurance adjusters rarely appreciate the way a person loses their quality of life after an accident. Instead, insurance adjusters will attempt to resolve your claim by providing as little compensation as possible. If you are not an experienced negotiator, it will be tough to get a fair settlement for the damages sustained.

Important Tips for Negotiating with An Insurance Adjuster

If you get involved in an accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company is likely to have their insurance adjusters contact you as quickly as possible. They may use a friendly tone in approaching you and advise you that you do not need to obtain legal representation. Do not fall for this trick.

The best way to handle such a situation if you are not a skilled negotiator is to keep your conversation simple and brief and contact an experienced car accident attorney to handle the rest of the process.

If you must speak to the insurance adjuster, here are some essential tips for negotiating with them:

Keep conversations simple

If an insurance adjuster calls you on the phone, clarify that you will not give any detailed information over the phone and in the absence of your attorney. You can, however, give them your basic contact information and basic information about when and where the accident happened.

Don’t give a recorded statement

Recorded statements will always be used against you if the insurance company has the opportunity to do so. You should therefore avoid resist any requests to record a conversation.

Don’t admit blame

Don’t admit any doubts about fault or use an apologetic tone when speaking to an insurance company. The best approach is to stay calm and confident and communicate only details relevant to the case or as advised by your attorney.

Don’t make statements about your health

While certain symptoms manifest immediately after an accident, certain symptoms take time to manifest. Therefore, it is important not to make statements suggesting that you are not injured when, in reality, you have not had sufficient time to determine the extent of your injuries.

Don’t take the first settlement offer

No matter how compassionate an insurance adjuster might sound, never accept the first settlement offer. Most initial settlement offers are always significantly lower than fair value, and they don’t properly account for all of the various damages you may have suffered.

Negotiate With the Help of a Car Accident Attorney in Greenville, South Carolina

If you are injured in an accident because of another driver’s negligence, you are be entitled to fair compensation. Our experienced team at David R. Price, Jr., P.A., will help ensure you recover everything that you are entitled to recover. You can schedule a consultation today with an experienced Greenville car accident attorney by calling 864-383-0327. We will provide the dedicated, personal representation that you deserve.


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