How To Avoid Tractor-Trailer Truck Accidents

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Tractor-trailer truck accidents can be devastating.  The massive size of these vehicles means that when they collide with another car, the result is often tragic.

Here are our tips for avoiding truck accidents:

Leave Plenty of Room

Always give a truck plenty of space.  Don’t tailgate. Trucks take longer to stop than other vehicles.  If the driver of a truck stops suddenly and you are following right behind them, you are more likely to rear-end the back of the truck.

You should also avoid being near a truck for an extended period of time.  Large trucks are at increased risk for accidents. High winds can cause a truck to move into adjacent lanes or even to roll over.  If you are close by a truck when its tire blows out, the pieces of the tire can fly off and hit your windshield.

Avoid Blind Spots

Large trucks have many more blind spots than other vehicles.  If you cannot see the driver in the truck’s side mirrors, he or she likely cannot see you.  Avoid being in the blind spots, or “no zones,” where a truck driver may not be able to see you: directly in front of a truck, directly behind a car, and along each side of a vehicle (especially the right side).

Use Caution While Passing

If you need to pass a truck, use caution.  A large truck cannot stop as quickly or maneuver as easily as other vehicles, so truck drivers will need additional time to react and adjust their speed.  Once you’ve passed a truck, do not change lanes to be back in front of the truck until you can clearly see the driver in your rearview mirror.

Avoid passing a truck while on a hill.  A truck may naturally increase or decrease its speed because of the incline.

Also, avoid passing a truck while it is turning.  Trucks make wide turns and sometimes move into the adjacent lanes.  It is much safer to wait until the truck is done turning to pass.

Lower Your High Beams

Always lower your high beams when driving near a larger vehicle.  Bright headlights can reflect off of a trucker’s large side mirrors and blind them.  While high beams may annoy all drivers, if you have high beams on while near a larger vehicle, you may cause a catastrophic accident.

Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys

Because tractor-trailer trucks can be so dangerous to operate, there are numerous laws and regulations that relate to the operation of commercial motor vehicles.  An experienced truck accident attorney will understand these laws and regulations and will be able to better argue how they apply to establish liability in your case.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident that was caused by the other driver, contact David R. Price Jr., P.A. today. Our firm offers Free Consultations for accident victims in Greenville and anywhere else in South Carolina.


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