How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re meeting with an attorney for the first time, you might not know what to expect.  Below, you will …

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wrongful death lawyer greenville sc

Understanding the Basics of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in SC

The death of a family member is a tragic event. Furthermore, death can be all the more tragic when a …

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Common Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

1.3 million elderly Americans live in nursing homes. While the vast majority of these nursing home residents are safe and well-cared-for, some are …

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car wreck injury lawyer in Greenville SC

What To Do After a Greenville Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents are a far too common occurrence in South Carolina. According to data collected by the South Carolina …

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Help for Emergency Service People Who've Been Injured in the Shoulder of the Road

If you’re a paramedic, police officer or firefighter, then you put your life on the line everytime you get in …

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road shoulder accident help

Tips for Protecting Yourself From Being Hit on the Shoulder of the Road

Everyday South Carolina drivers find themselves in car mishaps, whether it’s a flat tire, running out of gas or putting …

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DUI Laws Car Accidents Attorney Greenville SC

Open Container and Public Intoxication Laws in Greenville SC

As many know, under South Carolina law, you are not allowed to have an open container of alcohol in your …

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Greenville PlentyOfFish Assault: Who should be Liable?

On July 16, a supposed blind date turned into a frightening assault for one Greenville man using the dating app …

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greenville sc dui defense

Should I Refuse a DUI Test in Greenville, SC?

It is a crime to drive in South Carolina if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a …

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