When A Car Accident Isn’t An Accident At All

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Most car accidents are just that – accidents.  With so many vehicles traveling on so many streets and highways, accidents are inevitable, even when drivers are making every effort to drive safely in accordance with the rules and regulations of the road.  Of course, when things like worsening road conditions, distracted driving, and driving under the influence enter the picture, the likelihood of accidents only increases.  Sometimes  a car accident isn’t even an accident at all.  This unsettling scenario played out in South Carolina recently when a Spartanburg woman drove an SUV across the road and through oncoming traffic in an effort to hit two pedestrians who were walking near the intersection of Saxon Heights and Judd Street.  Fortunately, the unsuspecting pair were able to jump onto the sidewalk and get out of the SUV’s path.  For his alleged intentionally wrongful conduct, the driver has been charged with assault and battery and criminal domestic violence.  Besides these criminal charges, the targeted individuals may have a civil claim of action for damages against the driver.

What To Do If You Have Been Caught In The Path Of An Intentionally Reckless Driver

When the Spartanburg woman elected to veer across a roadway through oncoming traffic to target the two pedestrians, she put the persons and properties in the vicinity at risk.  Vehicles could have been severely damaged, and drivers and passengers severely injured or even killed.  Had the woman driven her SUV onto the sidewalk or beyond, pedestrians, as well as homes and their residents, could have become victims.  The scenario presented is both terrifying and fascinating.  Beyond the tremendous risk posed by the driver’s intentional recklessness, her behavior presents interesting questions with regard to automobile insurance.  While insurance covers accidents, intentionally wrongful conduct is a different matter.  When a driver turns a vehicle into a weapon, a civil action may be required to recover compensation beyond what can be reached through an insurance claim.  Obviously, cars weigh a great deal and travel at high speeds.  When these capabilities are used in an intentionally wrongful manner, the physical injuries, medical costs, and emotional trauma can be more extensive than in a mere accident.

An Auto Accident Attorney Will Work To Hold Intentionally Reckless Drivers Accountable

At the very least, a car accident is always an inconvenience.  There can be vehicles to repair, injuries to treat, and the process of filing an insurance claim.  In addition to all of these of burdens, the actions of an intentionally reckless driver may also necessitate the involvement of the criminal justice systems and, for victims, the initiation of a civil action for damages to recover compensation beyond what can be reached through the claims process.  With so many variables, and so much at stake, it is essential to have a skilled and experienced South Carolina auto accident attorney on your side. David R. Price, Jr., P.A. will aggressively pursue both insurance claim-based compensation and any additional civil damages available to make sure that you are made whole after a motor vehicle collision.


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