Do I Need an Expert Witness?

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Expert witnesses often play an essential role in winning a personal injury lawsuit.  Do you need one in your case?  

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a professional who has education, knowledge, training, skill, and experience in a specific discipline. It’s the job of an expert witness to provide a trial court opinions on matters that are too complicated to be within the knowledge or expertise of an ordinary person.


What Type of Expert Witness is Needed?

There are many different types of expert witnesses, including medical, financial, forensic, and vocational experts.  Selecting the proper kind of expert is what can differentiate an average personal injury case from a great one. 

In personal injury cases such as car accidents, the most common types of experts used are medical professionals and accident re-constructionists.  A medical expert can provide testimony about the nature and severity of a party’s injuries. An accident reconstructionist can explain how specific evidence shows how a crash occurred.  


How Can an Expert Witness Help You Win Your Case?

Generally, each side in a case will hire experts who can better bolster their case.   In a personal injury case, an expert witness can help explain medical terms or data and offer essential insights.

An expert can help to establish the long-term impact of your injuries.  If you are out of work for an extended period, an expert can predict economic losses that will occur over the course of your life.  If you are suffering emotional or psychological stress, a mental health expert may be able to help put a monetary value on your damages.

Experts can help speed up the litigation process.  An experienced and well-regarded expert that gives you a favorable opinion may encourage the other side to settle quickly or help you win a motion for summary judgment.


Experienced Personal Injury Law Firms Understand How to Use Expert Witnesses

An experienced Greenville personal injury lawyer, such as David Price, will understand how to select and utilize expert witnesses to help you win your case.  He will also understand how to cross-examine experts who may be hired by the other side to attack your case or damages. If you or a loved one has been injured because of another person, contact the attorneys at David R. Price Jr., P.A. today for a Free Consultation.  Our team is ready to review your case.  We have an extensive network of trained professionals who are prepared to provide expert witness services if your situation requires it.


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