Greenville, South Carolina Mail Carriers at Greatest Risk for Dog Bites

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Dog sitting instructed by handlerA recent report concluded that Greenville mail carriers have the highest number of dog bite incidents in the entire Greater South Carolina District. A safety report indicated that there was a total of 31 dog bites in the entire district during 2014, with 6 of them occurring in Greenville. (Charleston and Anderson had three incidents each, while Columbia, Lexington, and Abbeville each had two incidents. Other communities had only one incident each.)
Postal service workers typically see a rise in dog bite incidents nationwide during the months of April, May, and June. During these months, postal workers and others who venture outside can take certain the following preventative measures aimed at reducing the chances they or their loved ones will be bit by a dog:

  • Recognize the signs of an aggressive dog such as pulled back ears or head, a tense body, stiff tail, and an intense stare. If you witness any of these warning signs, take your time and slowly back away and move to a safe distance.
  • Never put your outstretched hand in front of a dog’s mouth as the dog can easily bite and sever your fingers. If you want a dog to become familiar with your scent, offer the dog a closed fist – it is much more difficult for a dog to inflict serious injuries on a closed fist than on an outstretched hand.
  • Teach children to be safe around dogs that are unfamiliar to them. In addition to teaching kids the aforementioned warning signs, parents should teach kids to slowly back away from an aggressive-looking dog (DON’T RUN!) and to roll into a ball and cover their necks if they are attacked.
  • Consider carrying a dog repellant if you are out in a public place where dogs are around.
  • Always be vigilant about your surroundings. If you walk or run, consider not using headphones as this can distract you from what is happening around you.
  • If you are attacked and cannot run away, get on the ground and roll into a defensive ball position. Your best chance at escaping serious injuries is to get onto the ground quickly and cover vulnerable areas of your body. Curl yourself into as tight of a ball as possible and use closed fists (not outstretched hands) to protect your neck. Remain as motionless as possible. This tactic has several advantages:
    • It prevents a dog from knocking you down with its weight and pinning you; and
    • It only exposes “bony” areas of your body like your back and neck, which are difficult for a dog to put its teeth around and inflict deep puncture wounds.

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