Greenville Undertakes Efforts to Fix Problematic Intersections

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The city of Greenville, South Carolina, recently announced a plan to fix twenty of what the city considers to be the most troublesome intersections in the city. Some of the “problems” that the city hopes to correct include significant traffic congestions, dangerous right turns, and traffic lights that are placed too close together. The “fixes” the city hopes to apply range from simple to complicated and lengthy corrective measures, depending on the particular problems present at any one of these twenty identified intersections..

Which Dangerous Intersections?

The intersections identified by the city include the following:

  • Haywood Road and Pelham Road,
  • Haywood Road and I-385
  • Pleasantburg Drive and Antrim Drive,
  • Pleasantburg Drive and Mauldin Road
  • Pleasantburg Drive and Rutherford Road,
  • Pleasantburg Drive and Cleveland Street,
  • Pleasantburg Drive and Villa Road/Century Drive,
  • Academy Street and College Street,
  • Academy Street and Pendleton Street,
  • Augusta Street and Mauldin Road,
  • Augusta Street and Church Street/Mills Avenue,
  • Faris Road and Cleveland Street,
  • Woodruff Road and Roper Mountain Road,
  • Roper Mountain Road and Independence Boulevard, and
  • Stone Avenue and Rutherford Street.

The complete list of all twenty intersections is available here.

Dangers Present at Intersections

The intersections listed in the news article may be considered the “worst” by Greenville, but the truth is that any intersection presents unique dangers and an increased risk of auto crashes. As the news article suggests, some intersections are more dangerous than others. Factors that make an intersection even more dangerous than any other intersection include:

  • Intersections with a high volume of traffic,
  • Intersections that include obstacles (such as trees or buildings) that can obstruct a driver’s vision,
  • Intersections that include traffic control signs (like stop or yield signs) that are placed in obscure places,
  • Intersections with a highway where cars may be traveling at high rates of speed,
  • Intersections that are poorly lit,
  • Intersections with traffic signals that are in a state of disrepair, and
  • Intersections with missing or fading street markings.

The risk of a serious accident occurring is also increased where there is no marked crosswalk for pedestrians to use. Even where there are marked crosswalks, pedestrians will sometimes jaywalk and cross the street somewhere other than a marked crosswalk. When there are no crosswalks, this behavior only increases.

Types of Accidents at Intersections

Traffic collisions come in many different varieties and are usually described by referring to how one car strikes another car. These include:

  • Rear-end accidents, where one car strikes another from behind;
  • Head-on collisions, where one car strikes the front of another car;
  • T-bone or side collisions, where one car strikes another at a ninety-degree angle (forming a “T”);
  • Multiple (i.e., more than two)-car collisions;
  • Bicycle accidents, and
  • Pedestrian accidents.

Unlike “sideswipe” accidents, these types of collisions usually present an increased risk of a driver or passenger suffering spine and neck injuries, “whiplash” injuries, and/or traumatic brain injuries.

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