Settlements for Herniated Discs in a Car Accident

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Whether it is you or your loved one, being in a car accident is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can undergo. Of the injuries people commonly suffer in car wrecks, a herniated disc is among the most painful injuries that car accident victims can sustain, and it requires prompt medical attention to address.

If the accident you were involved in resulted from someone else’s negligence, then you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Therefore, if you have suffered one or more herniated discs, it is important to retain an attorney and discuss the settlement amount you may be entitled to.

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What Are Herniated Discs?

The bones that make up your spine are called vertebrae. These vertebrae are stacked on top of each other, supported by your discs, which are made of fibrous cartilage. The spinal discs function as shock absorbers and fasteners, thus supporting and holding the spinal column together.

A herniated disc occurs when the jelly-like center bulges through the disc’s firm exterior. Discomfort, pain, and nerve irritation often characterize herniated discs. The impact on the spine from a car wreck can cause disc herniations.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Herniated Discs?

Most of the symptoms of herniated discs manifest themselves almost immediately after the car accident. However, in rare cases, the victims might not experience any noticeable symptoms or outward signs of a herniated disc until months after the accident.

The most common symptoms of herniated discs following a car accident are:

  • Muscle cramps and tightening,
  • Weakness in the extremities or the affected back area,
  • Neck and back pain,
  • Intense pain with a sharp, dull and achy feeling in the back,
  • Tingling or dull sensation that radiates down the legs, or arms and into the hands,
  • Excruciating headaches developed when lying down or sitting in certain positions, and
  • Intense lower back pain that worsens when sitting, coughing, or sneezing.

How are Herniated Discs Treated?

Medical professionals will suggest a treatment option depending on the severity of the injury.

A majority of herniated discs can heal without the use of surgical interventions. For less serious herniated discs, a doctor might recommend rest and medication. However, if your injuries require powerful pain meds and ongoing physical therapy, you might need surgery.

Depending on the treatment option recommended by your doctor, the recovery time for a herniated disc can be extensive. A nonsurgical treatment option might take you only a few days to recover completely to resume your work. However, if surgical intervention is required, you will need extensive time to recover completely and resume your normal duties at work or at home.

What Factors Affect the Settlement of Herniated Discs?

The following are some factors that are likely to affect your settlement for a herniated disc:

  • The severity of the disc herniation,
  • The extent of the medical care needed to treat the injury and symptoms,
  • The extent of your physical pain,
  • The extent of your emotional pain, and
  • The extent of any ongoing medical therapy or treatment needed.

Having an experienced personal injury attorney by your side has the potential to increase your likelihood of getting a fair settlement. The team at David R. Price, Jr., P.A., includes dedicated and experienced car accident attorneys who have helped other victims like you in the past.

What About Pre-existing Conditions?

Note that if you had back issues before suffering a herniated disc injury in an auto accident, it might affect the initial settlement offer. Most insurance companies like using this pretext to offer lower settlement amounts to the victims.

However, a well-established legal principle stipulates that the at-fault party and their insurer are responsible for the harm you sustained from a car accident, whether it aggravated an existing injury or caused a new one.  Therefore, even if you had an existing back issue, it shouldn’t influence your final recover for a herniated disc.

An experienced personal injury attorney will understand the evidentiary issues involved with proving the exacerbation of pre-existing conditions. If you have aggravated a back injury that was present prior to your collision, then it is important that you retain good legal representation.

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