How Much Should You Ask for in Your Personal Injury Settlement?

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The amount of any personal injury settlement will always be unique to the specific situation. The amount of compensation an injured person should seek will directly relate to the damages sustained, and an experienced personal injury attorney can help you make this critical determination. 

Your Damages

The amount of compensation you ask for in your personal claim will depend upon the damages you’ve incurred, which can be classified into all of the following categories:

  • Property Damage – If your vehicle is damaged in a car accident, for example, you can seek property damage to include the cost to repair or replace the vehicle, compensation for loss of use, and compensation for diminished value.
  • Medical Costs – Your medical expenses can be extensive and will likely begin with emergency treatment at a hospital and extend to additional medical care from doctors and specialists, pain management, and much more. 
  • Lost Wages – If your injuries cause you to miss work, you are entitled to compensation for your lost earnings. 
  • Pain and Suffering – The pain and suffering associated with being injured by someone else’s negligence can be difficult to overstate.

Seek the Legal Counsel of an Experienced Greenville Personal Injury Attorney

If you are injured in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, attorney David Price at David R. Price, Jr., P.A., in Greenville, South Carolina, has the experience, dedication, and legal skill to help. As a skilled Greenville personal injury lawyer, he is here to assist you. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact or call us at 864-310-7640 today.  


What can I do if I can’t afford an attorney?

Personal injury attorneys generally work on a contingency basis, which means you won’t owe anything unless your claim settles or you receive a court award.  

How is blame determined in personal injury cases? 

If someone owes you a duty of care (such as another motorist or a property owner), and that person fails to live up to that responsibility and leaves you damaged as a result, then he or she is likely at fault in the eyes of the law.

Why doesn’t the insurance company simply cover my losses? 

The simplest answer is that insurance companies are in business to turn a profit, and they do what they can to keep settlements as low as possible. 


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