How To Prevent Workplace Injuries

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Employers are responsible for preventing workplace injuries and ensuring their workers’ health and safety. Although employers can’t control some occupational hazards, the following tips can help protect workers against the most preventable workplace injuries

Implement a Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Program 

Awareness of workplace hazards and potential accidents in order to prevent them from harming anyone is the best way to mitigate and avoid injury. According to OSHA, employers must implement a program that focuses on preventing workplace illness and injury, and the program must include: 

  •     Hazard identification, evaluation, prevention, and control
  •     Worker participation
  •     Management leadership
  •     Training and education
  •     Program assessments and improvements

Invest in Regular Safety and Health Training

Employers must meet with their workers frequently to discuss health and safety and require or encourage workers to go to industry safety classes and workshops. They should likewise ensure that workers are capable of: 

  •     Identifying the most common occupational hazards in their specific work assignments
  •     Understanding and explaining in detail how they could prevent these hazards from causing accidents
  •     Explaining the proper procedures for dealing with workplace accidents

Communicate with Workers Effectively and Regularly

Employers should have a protocol for sharing company safety policies, and regularly revisit them to ensure that they’re still effective. All workers should have a copy of the safety policies, which outline vital steps workers must take in case of an accident. 

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Workers’ Compensation FAQ

What medical treatment can I receive? 

Workers’ compensation benefits should cover hospitalization, surgery, medical supplies, prescriptions, and prosthetic devices. But remember that you will only receive these benefits if you go to a doctor or medical provider that has been approved by your employer or your employer’s insurance provider. 

What should I do if my workers’ compensation claim was denied?

Ask an experienced lawyer for help pursuing or appealing your claim. 

Who is qualified to receive workers’ compensation insurance benefits?

Employers with at least four employees must provide workers’ compensation insurance to all full-time and part-time employees.

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