Pedestrian Accidents in South Carolina 

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When walking around the streets of Greenville or other cities in South Carolina, one may think that the walking is relatively safe and free from any danger. The statistics, however, show that pedestrian safety is more of an issue than one may have initially thought. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 5,000 pedestrians died in 2012 across the United States and another 76,000 pedestrians suffered injuries. Every seven minutes, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic crash, and every 2 hours, a pedestrian dies. On each trip, a pedestrian is 1.5 times more likely to die than a passenger in a car.
South Carolina is particularly dangerous for pedestrians. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, South Carolina ranked as the third most dangerous state in the United States for pedestrians, behind Delaware and New Mexico. The rate of pedestrian fatalities in South Carolina in 2012 was 2.60 fatalities per 100,000 people. This was significantly higher than the national rate of 1.51 pedestrian fatalities. Furthermore, there were a total of 123 pedestrian fatalities in 2012, which ranked 11th in the nation. One possible cause for the high number of fatalities is that a significant number of South Carolina’s workforce – 41% -are in the car between 15 to 30 minutes driving to work. This in turn increases the chances for a pedestrian to be struck by a car.
Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents
Older adults and children are most at risk to be injured or killed in pedestrian accidents. To help protect one from pedestrian accidents, it is important to recognize how and where accidents normally occur, which include:

  • Failure of drivers to yield to pedestrians who have the right of way, including not stopping at a stop sign, driving through a light, or improperly turning in front of a pedestrian;
  • Drivers who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. 48% of pedestrian fatalities across the United States in 2012 involved alcohol with the driver;
  • Distracted drivers, which include drivers talking on a cell phone or other passengers, texting, eating or drinking, or not paying attention to the road;
  • The higher the speed of the car, the more likely that a pedestrian will be struck; and
  • Lack of proper lighting in the area. Pedestrian accidents are more likely to occur at night.

Liability for Pedestrian Accidents
To establish liability against a driver in a pedestrian accident, it is necessary to show that the driver was negligent. This means that the driver of the car must have failed to use reasonable care in operating the vehicle. Furthermore, the pedestrian must have suffered an injury as a result of the driver not operating the car with the required care. An experienced South Carolina accident attorney can help investigate your case to determine whether the driver may be legally liable.
Contact a Greenville Pedestrian Accident Attorney
If you have been injured by a vehicle while walking, an experienced pedestrian accident attorney can help you understand your legal rights. David R. Price, Jr. is a Greenville personal injury attorney who has experience prosecuting a variety of types of accidents, including car, motorcycle, truck, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents.
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