Greenville SC Personal Injury Lawyers — Pedestrian Danger Now That Spring Is Almost Here

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As the weather turns nice, citizens of Greenville and other parts of upstate South Carolina will take to the streets, parks and trails for some much-needed outdoor activity. Maybe just a quick walk to the local convenience store; maybe a walk or a bike ride along the Swamp Rabbit Trail or maybe some time spent in Falls Park.
But we here at David R. Price, Jr., P.A caution everyone to be careful. More pedestrians means more accidents and dangers from cars, bikes, motorcycles and other vehicles on the road. Here are a few tips for staying alert and safe while walking in Greenville.

Greenville SC Personal Injury Lawyers — Pedestrian Danger Statistics

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Pedestrians often aren’t looking out for cars and bicycles. Don’t be on the wrong end of a personal injury lawsuit.

According to statistics compiled by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (“IIHS”), in 2016, 5,987 pedestrians were killed in wrecks and collisions with motor vehicles. That is almost 500 more than in 2015. Of the fatalities in 2016, 70 percent were male. Further, 51 percent of those killed were killed between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and midnight. Finally, of those killed between 6:00 p.m. and midnight, nearly half were intoxicated.
Being involved in a car wreck — as a pedestrian — is very very dangerous and, if you are not killed, you are very likely to have serious injuries. This is true if only because cars and trucks are metal and heavy, while the human body is flesh and bone. The IIHS states that the “most serious injuries result from pedestrians hitting vehicle bumpers, hoods, or the windshield area” and that “serious head, pelvis and leg injuries are common…”

Greenville SC Personal Injury Lawyers — Safety Tips

The IIHS statistics provide some obvious guidance on how to be more safe as a pedestrian. Here are some safety tips:

  • Be watchful of cars and vehicles as you walk at ALL times — cars might not see you, so watch what drivers are doing and what drivers are looking at; if the driver is looking everywhere but AT YOU, then stop and move away from the vehicle.
  • Be even more watchful as the sun goes down and as night falls — obviously, there is less visibility at night.
  • Be particularly careful and watchful from 6:00 p.m. to midnight.
  • Wear bright and reflective clothing if you are walking at night — take every step possible to make yourself more visible.
  • Do not walk when intoxicated.
  • Do not wear headphones or earbuds or, if you do, make sure you can hear traffic.
  • Walk as far from the road as possible.
  • Pay attention as you come to intersections.
  • Pay attention if you are texting or using your smartphone


Greenville SC Personal Injury Lawyers — Following Safety Tips Is Important If You Are Injured

Under South Carolina law, if you are injured in an accident as a pedestrian, you are entitled to sue and recover monetary damages to pay for medical bills and other damages. Often, the liability of the driver of the vehicle is clear cut. But, be aware, that even pedestrians have a duty to be careful. If you are wandering, zombi-like, using your phone without paying attention to where you are or where you are going, a jury might find you partially at fault for any injuries. As such, your recovery might be reduced.

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