Proposed South Carolina Law Would Increase Penalties for Killing K9s

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Fargo and Hyco’s Law” is a proposed South Carolina bill to increase penalties for harming or killing police K9’s and horses. The bill is named after two dogs killed in the line of duty in South Carolina. Hyco was killed in 2015 during a manhunt. Fargo was killed by an armed robbery suspect in 2011 and his memorial service moved many to tears.


Currently, harming or killing a police dog is a misdemeanor with possible $2000-5000 in fines or up to 5 years in jail. The proposed bill, if passed, would increase the penalty to a felony, fines up to $20,000 and possible jail time up to 10 years. The accused would also be responsible for the cost of replacing or restoring the animal, including the cost of acquiring a new dog, training, veterinary care, etc. The penalty would apply if the animal is harmed in the line of active duty, but also if harmed while off duty, such as in a stable or kennel. The law would not penalize anyone (such as a law enforcement officer or veterinarian)  who is responsible for euthanizing the animal to relieve undue pain and suffering.
Hyco K9

According to The Officer Down Memorial Page, South Carolina’s records indicate that 8 law enforcement dogs have been killed in the line of duty. Nationally, 124 law enforcement K9 deaths have been reported over the last 5 years. The attorneys at David R. Price Jr., P.A. wish to express their sympathy for Hyco, Fargo and the other K9s killed or harmed in the line of duty in South Carolina and throughout the nation.


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