South Carolina Minor Baseball Team Involved In Bus Accident

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Recently, a bus transporting members of the Carolina Mudcats, a minor league affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, was involved in a bus crash. The bus had been carrying members of the team to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when the bus became involved in an accident in Columbus County, North Carolina. The accident occurred around 3:45 a.m. on Clarendon Chadbourn Road at Bessie Road in Chadbourn, North Carolina, which is only miles away from the state border.
According to officials, the bus apparently ran off the road and into ditch, which caused the bus to flip over. The bus flipped over on the driver’s side, which caused everyone on that side to fall across the aisle into the passenger side. There were 33 people on the bus at the time of the accident. Seven members of the baseball team and one trainer had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. Fortunately, the injuries were relatively minor, and the injured passengers were treated and released. For example, one pitcher suffered a dislocated finger. Most suffered scrapes and bruises.
The driver of the bus involved in the crash has been charged with exceeding a safe speed. Abbott Trailways, a Virginia-based company, owns the bus that was involved in the crash. According to federal safety records, the company actually has a clean safety record. In fact, the company just received one of the highest ratings possible from the government. In addition to the Mudcats, Abbott Trailways provides bus services for about two dozen minor league baseball teams.

Duty of Common Carriers in South Carolina

Common carriers, such as the Abbott Trailways bus, transport individuals for one place to another in exchange for a fee. Examples of common carriers include buses, trains, taxis, commercial airplanes, and cruise ships. Another class of carriers that David R. Price, Jr., has successfully asserted are common carriers are medical transport vehicles.  In order to hold a common carrier for injuries suffered, one must establish that the common carrier acted negligently. Under South Carolina law, common carriers owe patrons the highest degree of care and diligence with respect to transportation of their passengers. If a common carrier fails to provide the highest degree of care, such as speeding, a common carrier may be liable for damages proximately caused by failing to abide by its legal duty.

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