South Carolina Woman Sues Senior Care Center For Chemical Burns

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Workers Compensation

A South Carolina elderly woman is claiming that a senior care center in Charleston is responsible for burns that she suffered when she allegedly walked through a puddle of bleach and ammonia with thin socks on. The South Carolina woman, who is blind, has sued the senior care center for the injuries that she allegedly suffered during the incident.
In the lawsuit, the woman claims that she “suffered chemical burns that led to an infection and severe pain in her feet after walking through the puddle in the kitchen of Aging Gracefully Senior Care Services in Ladson in August 2013.” The woman believes that the senior care center was negligent because the allegedly dangerous puddle should have been mopped up. The woman also claims that Roper St. Francis Health Care is liable. She claims that the hospital made the situation worse when the nurse allegedly told the woman to wash her feet with water, instead of providing immediate medical attention.
The woman claims that she has suffered significant injuries from the incident. She claims that the burns, as well as issues with her diabetes, have prevented her from walking. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that the woman has “suffered loss of enjoyment of life, pleasures of daily living and ability to operate around the home and do some work without pain.” In addition to compensation for her medical expenses and other damages, the woman is seeking punitive damages against the senior center. According to the lawsuit, the woman’s medical expenses have totaled $46,000.
Premises Liability Legal Claim
The South Carolina’s woman lawsuit is, in part, premised on the legal theory of premises liability. Under a premises liability claim, the owner of a property is legally responsible for accidents and injuries that occur on the property. The owner of the property has a legal duty to maintain the property in a safe condition for other persons lawfully on the property. Failure to adequately maintain the condition and safety of the premises can result in the owner being liable for damages if another person suffers an injury on the property.
Premises liability claims can occur in a variety of situations. Common examples of premises liability claims include:
•Falling as a result of a wet or slippery floor;
•Tripping on a foreign object on the floor, including stray wires or unkempt objects;
•Suffering an injury on a defective staircase; and
•Tripping on a pothole in a parking lot.
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