South Carolina Worker Killed By Hit-and-Run Driver at Construction Site

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construction worker killed in hit and run accident
Road construction sites can be dangerous places for construction workers, which is why numerous precautions are taken to protect construction workers. Speed limits are reduced, barriers blockade workers from cars, and signs and warnings are posted. Nevertheless, despite all the safety efforts and precautions, every year hundreds of construction workers are injured at roadway construction worksites throughout the United States.
Tragically, a South Carolina construction worker died late last year when a car hit him at a construction site. The construction worker had been working at a construction site on a stretch of S.C. 170 early in the morning. A car struck and killed the man around 2:00 a.m. The car left the scene, but authorities were able to locate the driver and charged the driver with leaving the scene of a wreck and felony DUI resulting in death.
The construction worker’s death came a year after another construction worker suffered injuries while also working at the same site. The construction worker died after a woman lost control of her car and crashed. According to the S.C. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the number of pedestrians killed on the job in traffic accidents fell from 10 in 2012 to 8 in 2013.
Construction Vehicles and Equipment Also Pose a Danger at Worksites
In addition to the dangers of other motorists on the road, construction workers need to be aware of another danger: injuries and deaths from backing construction vehicles and equipment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2003 through 2010, 962 fatalities occurred at road construction sites and 443 happened because a vehicle or mobile equipment struck a construction worker. 143 of the fatalities occurred when was vehicle backing up. More than half of the vehicles involved in these situations were dump trucks.
Employers, including contractors and subcontractors, have the obligation to maintain safe work sites and to help prevent worker injuries and deaths. In this regard, certain measures and precautions must be taken to make sure that worksites are safe. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends that employers:

  • Develop standard operating procedures to address worker safety and minimize risks for work performed near vehicles and equipment;
  • Ensure compliance with worker safety, traffic control, and vehicle regulations;
  • Maintain vehicles and equipment in safe operating condition;
  • Develop, implement, and test the methods of communication that workers will use during operations; and
  • Develop safety and training programs.

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