Statistics of Work-Related Deaths in South Carolina For 2013

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work related deaths in south carolins statistics
Recently, the South Carolina Department of Labor released a report that identified a preliminary total of 72 fatal work-related injuries were recorded in South Carolina in 2013. This number is relatively consistent with previous years: 63 in 2012; 81 in 2011; 69 in 2010; 73 in 2009; 87 in 2008; and 122 in 2007.
Of the 72 fatalities, 27 happened in transportation incidents, followed by violence with 14, slip and falls with 13, and contact with objects and equipment at 9. Men accounted for an overwhelming majority of the deaths at 62, while woman only accounted for 10 fatalities. In terms of race or ethnic origin, Caucasians accounted for most of the fatalities with 49, with 16 African Americans fatalities and 7 Hispanic worker fatalities.
The number of fatalities accounts for every death that is work-related and includes highway deaths and homicides. The fatality census counts include deaths not covered by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. This means that some of the deaths may have occurred as a result of some other reason than employer negligence. Sixty-three deaths were reported or identified by South Carolina’s OSHA. Of the 63, fewer than half, 28, were actually determined to be work-related and investigated by OSHA.
The remaining deaths, 35, were identified as non-work related. If a death is determined as non-work related then it is not within the jurisdiction of South Carolina’s OSHA. 29 of the 63 fatalities were caused by natural causes, 3 by highway deaths, 2 by homicides, and 1 by a sole proprietor. If you or loved one has been injured in a work-related accident, an experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney can help you with your case.
South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration
If a fatality or catastrophe (patient hospitalization of three or more workers) occurs, state law requires employers to report the incident to the South Carolina’s OSHA within 8 hours. The South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Administration is one of 26 states that administers its own occupational and safety health program.
Under federal and state law, every employer is required “to provide their employees with a safe and healthy worksite which is free of hazards which may cause injuries and illnesses to workers.” To ensure the safety of worksites and employees, S.C. OSHA’s office conducts inspections of businesses. The office uses a staff of 17 safety inspectors and 12 health compliance officers to make sure that employers comply with state law.
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