Understanding How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

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Workers can suffer serious injuries while they are at their jobs. Although construction workers and builders are at the highest risk – since they work around dangerous and heavy machinery and equipment – other workers, including office workers, can suffer serious injuries while they are at their jobs.

If you have suffered an injury while you were working at your job and while working within the scope of employment, you might be eligible to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, to receive various benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are typically available without regard to fault, as they are essentially no-fault claims.

A worker who suffers an on-the-job injury might have to undergo a significant amount of expensive medical treatment. The worker might also have to miss time from work in order to recover from his or her injuries. In serious work injury cases, the worker might suffer a permanent injury that limits his or her activities and abilities in the future. Some workers are injured to such an extent that they cannot work at the same job or in the same occupation going forward. Fortunately, the workers’ compensation system supplies injured workers with the benefits that they need in order to move forward with their lives following their accident.

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Workers’ Compensation FAQ

What are Some Common Work Injuries?

Injuries that accident victims may sustain while on the job include fall injuries, crush injuries, traumatic head and brain injuries, spinal cord and paralysis injuries, and soft tissue injuries, to name just a few.

What Types of Benefits are Recoverable?

A workers’ compensation claimant could pursue and recover compensation for related medical bills, a portion of their lost wages, and in some instances, various types of permanency benefits.

Am I Eligible for Permanency Benefits? 

In order to obtain permanency benefits, a health care provider would likely need to determine, based upon a reasonable degree of medical certainty, the degree of permanent impairment that you suffered as a result of your work accident.


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