What Do You Do If Your South Carolina Auto Accident Was Caused By Defective Parts?

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We tend to trust that our vehicles and the various parts on them are well made, or at least made well enough to get us safely from one place to the next.  So, what do you do when parts of your vehicle malfunction and cause auto accidents, through no fault of your own?
Any time you’ve been in an auto accident in South Carolina, you will want an auto accident attorney on your side, reviewing the facts and the evidence, and protecting your rights by seeking fair compensation for your losses. The main difference when auto accidents are caused by defective auto parts is that instead of seeking compensation from an ‘at-fault driver’ and their insurance policy, you need to seek compensation from the manufacturer, designer, and/or distributor of the defective auto part that caused the car accident.

The Most Common Causes of Defective Auto Parts Accidents in SC

It’s really scary to think about how many things can go wrong with your vehicle. The most common causes of South Carolina auto accidents that result from defective auto parts are wheels/tires that are not safely designed or manufactured, defective brakes, and malfunctioning ignitions. In addition, there are malfunctioning airbags, which have been the subject of many news stories and auto accidents in the past year. Airbags can malfunction by deploying too soon or too late, too fast or too slow, in the wrong position, or not at all. In some cases, they can even explode, as in some of the recent recalls.
There are also auto accidents caused by defective accelerator controls, wiring issues, and leaking fuel systems. Sometimes, accidents are caused by steering issues or cooling fan problems, or even malfunctioning windshield wipers that impair the driver’s ability to see properly. When an accident occurs, it can be far more serious due to other parts of the vehicle that might be defective, like the seat belts, or again – the airbags.

What Causes Auto Parts to Be Defective?

Not all defective auto parts have the same cause. If it is simply a matter of not making the necessary repairs and maintenance as they come up, then it may be the fault of the driver. If the part has a design flaw, then it will affect all of the parts that are manufactured based on that design. However, if the design is solid, then the defective part could have become that way in the manufacturing process. This could mean that it was produced from poor materials, it was not assembled correctly, or it wasn’t tested rigorously enough to be certain of its quality.

What Are Your Options for Recovering Compensation After a Defective Part Accident?

If you have maintained adequate records of any purchase made for auto parts, the time when you purchased the vehicle, and any repairs that have been made, then this will serve as valuable evidence in your defective auto parts accident claim. You should also take photos of the scene of the accident, the damage to the vehicles, and the injuries sustained. Maintain records of all of your medical treatment, your experiences as well as your expenses, and the recovery process.  All of this will be useful in proving the value of your economic damages (actual losses and expenses, like medical bills and lost wages) as well as your non-economic damages (like pain and suffering or psychological trauma) when you pursue compensation.

Contact David R. Price, Jr. P.A. for a Free Consultation

Before you talk to any insurance companies or discuss resolving your case with the manufacturer or designer of the defective auto part that caused your accident, contact David R. Price, Jr. P.A. to schedule a free consultation with an experienced South Carolina auto accident attorney. You’ll need to have skilled representation to pursue the maximum amount of compensation from whoever is liable for the accident.
Things can get complicated when a car accident is caused by a malfunctioning part, and you have to deal with issues like warranties, negligence on the part of the designer or manufacturer, and various other situations that might not be relevant to the average auto accident. Call today to schedule your consultation and learn more.


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