What Insurance Commercials Do Not Tell You

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There has been a strong push in recent years to make auto insurance seem exciting and entertaining as a means of encouraging those without insurance to sign up and those with preexisting auto insurance to switch their policies. Flo, spokeswoman for Progressive Insurance, acts knowledgeable but fun and quirky as she helps Progressive customers save money. State Farm Insurance agents will magically appear and rescue their insured from danger as soon as they sing a catchy jingle. Geico’s famous Gecko helps to save money in fifteen (15) minutes or less. These are but a few examples of insurance companies’ attempts to attract and retain your business.Two Drivers Arguing After Traffic Accident
What these commercials do not show you, however, is what it is like to deal with an insurance company following a personal injury incident. If you pay your premium promptly and limit the number of claims you file, you expect your insurance company to eagerly help you when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In fact, some insurance companies will make the process of receiving compensation as difficult as possible for their insured customers. Not only this, but insurance companies generally will not tell you things that you may unwittingly do or not do after a car crash or other personal injury incident that can delay or limit the benefits you will receive.
One Truth: Your Insurance Company Wants to Pay as Little as Possible on Your Claim
At its core, your insurance company is a business that exists to make money for its owners, the shareholders. Your insurance does not make money by paying out claims. This is why your insurance company will never tell you that you should carefully consider estimates provided by its adjusters before accepting a claims check. Your insurance company is likely to make its estimates of repairs and expenses as low as possible when paying your claim. This can leave you with having to pay the difference between the actual costs of repairs and what your insurance company “estimates” the cost to be.  Even more deceptively, your estimate may direct your repair shop to make the repairs with used or secondary parts which are often inferior to the the original equipment manufacturer parts that your car had prior to the accident.
Another Truth: You Do Not Have to Allow Your Insurance Company to Record Your Conversation
The contract you have with your insurance provider is what obligates your insurance provider to pay your claim. This does not mean that your insurance provider will not try to find a way to avoid paying your claim if it can do so. One of the reasons why your insurance provider’s representative will ask to record the phone call or meeting is to see if there are any statements you make that might give the provider grounds to deny your claim. You should, therefore, speak with an attorney with experience in auto accidents and be certain of your rights and the facts surrounding your incident before you speak with your insurance provider. When you do speak with your insurance company, know that you do not need to consent to having your telephone call recorded. If you feel pressured or uncomfortable, your auto accident attorney can speak with your insurance company on your behalf.
Greenville auto accident attorney David R. Price, Jr. has helped numerous people in similar situations deal with insurance companies who are less-than-helpful after a car crash. Before talking with your insurance company, contact the law office of David R. Price, Jr, P.A. for advice and guidance. He can help you deal with your insurance company and will work to get you the compensation you need and deserve.


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