You May Be Just a Number to an Insurance Company

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Talk of computers someday running our society and/or taking over jobs traditionally performed by humans used to be fodder for science-fiction movies and interesting – but far-fetched – “what-if” scenarios and discussions about the future. Unfortunately, the future may be here. There is a good chance that the way that an insurance company responds to your personal injury claim may be determined by a computer program. This program – named Colossus – can dictate what settlement offer you will receive and make retaining knowledgeable legal counsel after a personal injury incident even more important.Worried woman walking to a man

What Does Colossus Do?

The computer program Colossus was first introduced by Allstate in the 1990s and was introduced as means by which the insurance company could standardize the way it values claims and thereby saves money. The program (of which there are now several) would analyze facts about a particular personal injury claim – including what lawyer the injury victim retains – and assign each factor a specific number of “points.” The total number of points would then dictate the payout the insurance adjuster would offer as a settlement to the injury victim.
What Does Colossus Not Do?
There are almost 10,000 rules that dictate what questions Colossus asks of the adjuster and the program has a myriad of questions and factors it takes into consideration in arriving at the settlement amount. The Colossus program does not, however, consider the emotional impact of a personal injury. There are no “points” awarded for a victim’s pain and suffering, the loss of enjoyment of his or her life, or the loss of the comfort of important relationships. As a result, Colossus almost always directs insurance adjusters to pay personal injury victims less than their claim may actually be worth.

What Should I Do With My Personal Injury Case?

When the insurance adjuster comes and offers you a settlement for your personal injury case, stop and consider the fact that the dollar amount listed on the check was likely provided by an uncaring and unfeeling computer program that did not consider the mental and emotional aspects of your injury. You may wish to consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney to ask:

  • What compensation you are entitled to based on your situation?
  • How do judges and/or juries consider the emotional and mental injuries that accompany a personal injury?
  • Is your personal injury attorney is willing to take your case to trial if necessary?
  • Has he or she taken other cases to trial in the past?

Greenville personal injury attorney David R. Price, Jr. is dedicated to helping injury victims recover full and fair compensation, even if this means taking your case before a jury. He knows that insurance companies will try to save money whenever they can and will aggressively fight for you. If you or a loved one has been injured or feels pressured by an insurance adjuster to accept a settlement payment, contact the law office of David R. Price, Jr., at (864) 271-2636 to discuss your case, learn about your rights, and obtain experienced legal counsel during your free consultation.


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