Personal Injury: Do’s and Don’t’s

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When you have an active personal injury case, it is crucial that you do everything you can to preserve and protect your claim. Doing so will make it hard for the other party’s insurance provider or lawyer to dispute your claim. With this in mind, here are some essential Do’s and Don’t’s to remember about your injury case.

The DO’s 

  •     DO get medical attention for any injuries you suffered and follow all of your doctor’s instructions.
  •     DO maintain medical records and records of lost income due to your injuries.
  •     DO explain to your doctor and medical providers how you were injured.
  •       DO give your doctor and medical providers your health insurance cards, and tell them to file your bills on your health insurance instead of the other party’s insurance company.
  •     DO consult with a personal injury lawyer.
  •     DO tell your lawyer about any injuries or accidents that you’ve experienced before and after your accident
  •     DO be patient. Depending on whether you settle or take your case to trial, it could take anywhere from six months to a couple of years before a claim is resolved for its full value.

The DON’T’s 

  •     DON’T post details about the accident, your injuries, or anything connected to your personal injury claim on your social media platforms or anywhere online.
  •     DON’T give statements to any insurance company without talking to your lawyer first.
  •     DON’T exaggerate or lie about your injuries.
  •     DON’T stop getting medical treatment until you have fully recovered from your injuries.
  •     DON’T tell your doctors or medical providers anything about your legal case or intention to pursue a lawsuit.

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Personal Injury FAQ

What is my personal injury claim worth?

The value of a personal injury claim will depend on its unique circumstances. A Greenville personal injury lawyer will be able to give you an accurate estimate based on the facts of your case. 

What if fault for the accident is not completely clear?

An experienced personal injury attorney can help investigate your case to determine who is legally liable for your losses. 

Can I pursue a personal injury claim without a lawyer?

Unless fault for the accident is clear and you are sure that you only suffered minor injuries, it is always best to seek help from an experienced lawyer.

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